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OCS 2.3.1 Plugins


So I have the problem with Plugins. Installation goes smoothly, I put vbs files in proper place on computer with win10. Log says it finds them and proceed successfully but no output on server is shown. Manually run vbs scripts shows data, when I right click agent and go show inventory information in xml nothing is shown (except standard informations). Any ideas?

PS. Solution with manually creation folders on server and putting there conf and map.pm files doesn't help - it just broke apache2 configuration ;)
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Hi @rabusiak ,

you can take inspiration from the following tutorial in french :


Otherwise, please be careful to the creation of folders as it is case sensitive (Often, folder names start with a capital letter as well as for the Map.pm file).

Another thing: Right click on the agent icône only displays the inventory informations WITHOUT those of the plugins.

Which plugins do you have problems with? ?

Regards, Stéphane

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