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pre execute script to bypass user dialog

what do you think about a "before" script

It would be nice if the display user interaction dialog is dynamic
if i create a package with a a user dialog i do this mainly to inform the user that my package will end some processes (IE Explorer etc.)
This isn't necessary if nobdy is logged on.
But if i deploy a package with this dialog - the package won't be installed, because the client waits for user interaction.
Timeout(in package)value isn't comfortable for this because i don't want to end user applications without his knowlege.

  1. the ocs-client should allow to start a script BEFORE the first user dialog.
    This script query some info (somebody logged in, processes are running - or similar).
    If this script returns a zero (means nobody is logged in, or no processes are running) NO Dialog will be displayed
    What i even can do that the "before" script checks if a specific user is logged in - and if that is the case i also do not display a message on the client because that user will be used to install a new pc.

I have programmed this manually with a script, but i can't use the ocs Dialog and must to circumvent the session 0 isolation

see here


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