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Change server's IP on agent [closed]


I've deployed OCS Agent to my whole company through Windows Server GPO and I've created a OCS Packger to set on the GPO.

The IP of the server was, but, for administrative reasons, I needed to change to, but, on every computer in my network, ocs agent was deployed with

The question is, if I create a new packger and put on Windows Server repository, it will automatically update the agent on my network with the new server IP or I'm going to need to unistall the agent and re-deploy?
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2 Answers

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by the way you should always deploy the client with an dns address

I think you must update the client to a new version with updated settings and the update client parameter - otherwise there will be a conflict - i had no time to exactly desribe it

please read attentive


another way is to use a windows sed tool to change your ocs-invenroy config file with a batch script
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Right, I already have the new OCS client installed on every computer un my domain, but I configured to search for my server by IP Address. Now, I want to change on my whole company to search by DNS, but when I set the packager with /UPGRADE parameter and put on my Startup GPO, the application doesn't updates. Every computer still has the version seaching by How can I upgrade in this case?
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