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Moving OCS server to other IP address

I'm going to place OCS Server in other location using else IP, can I some way send this info to Agents to Update there settings with new IP of server?  I didn't found IP in setting udpdated automatically.
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  1. In AD with a computer GPO you can replace the ocisnventory.ini file with a new version containing the new IP.  
  2. or a script run with psexec
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please always try to use a dns name insteqad of using a ip adress.

What you can also do is to deploy a package with a script which creates a local task.

This task replaces the ocisnventory.ini file an restarts the ocs-inventory agent.

Sometimes this is the beset way, because many people don't have integrated a computer into active directory.

I have done this bevore - but the script is complex

kind regards

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Look's like I should've been thinking about it before installing Agen's,
So have you got an example of such scripts?

I use a VPN connection as a chanell for OCS communication that's why I need use an IP, and also doesn't have end users connected to a MS server so updating ocs.ini with script would be the best way

Best Regards

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Hello Again,

I just found new release of windows agent, is it possible to make changes i need in server IP address simply changing options of installation for updating Agents ?
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I had tested a new release of OCS on a new server. We have changed the cname to the new server over three days and it was working. So if you can use Cnames should be no problem.
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