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ERROR: PERL module Switch is not installed

hi, I try install OCS server and I have problem with this:

Do you wish to setup Rest API server on this computer ([y]/n)?
| Checking for REST API Dependencies ...                         |

Found that PERL module Mojolicious::Lite is available.
*** ERROR: PERL module Switch is not installed !
Do you wish to continue (y/[n])?
Installation aborted !

I try this:

sudo apt-get install libswitch-perl

  1. Enter the command cpan.

  2. At the prompt cpan[1]>, type install Switch.

and it isn't give me any error

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1 Answer

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switch perl module is not available for your distro? This module and the others (plack, mojolicious) are needed only if you plan to access ocs inventory server with rest api.

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