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IMPORTANT- Missing some agent inventory data in DB


I have ocs server version 2.4.1 and a unix agent version 2.4.2. Everything is working fine.

As part of a migration of an existing ocs server (v2.1) to use my new server (v2.4.1), I needed to dump the mysql database used by the 2.1 server and restore the data into my existing database. The install.php script should take care of adapting the DB tables. After the mysqldump, I was able to get all data displayed in my new ocs server.
Then, when I was testing the agent inventory, the inventory passed and I was able to see the agent on my ocs server UI. However, I noticed that some data was not displayed (agent softwares, memory, bios). I checked the Database, but there is nothing related data to the agent in softwares, memory and bios tables even though that in my agent logs (debug output) I can see that this data was exported: Exemple


<COMMENTS>Linux USB utilities</COMMENTS>



      <INSTALLDATE>2018/0812 13:40:12</INSTALLDATE>





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you should upgrade from 2.1 > 2.2 > 2.3 and so on - because it isn't guaranteed that version 2.4.1 will do all the needed database table changes.

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