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Demo Server - database too limited

hy, i am often testing some things in demo server to look if a have a local configuration problem.

The problem with the demo server is the following.

1. there are no checkbox or radio buttons in administrative data

2. there is only 1 group

3. there is no dynamic group

4. there are no registry values ?

It should be easy for the maintainer to add this data - so every person can try to make a multicriteria search with groups, or see how a radio button looks like. I am sure the missing administrative data after updating ocs-inventory bugs where easily identified.

Also the search with 2 ore more groups where often a "and" and "or" problem in multicriteria search can identified more easily. Also the dynamic group feature bug are disclosed (dynamic groups integrates computers which are never searched at the time the group was generated)
It was more comforable to report a bug in github if i can make a reference to the demo server - so every ocs-inventory maintainer knows that the bug is not at my local installation.
So please extend the database a little bit


Kind regards
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