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Use of Plugins - for example winusers


I wan't to use plugins with OCS Inventory.

Debian Server with ocs 2.5 -> Inventory and deployment works on windows agent.

I wan't to user for exampl ethe winusers plugin.

Download and copy to: /usr/share/ocsinventory-reports/ocsreports/download
and install it through the Plugin Manger. All semms good.

Then I copied the winusers.vbs on Windows Agent to: C:\Program Files (x86)\OCS Inventory Agent\Plugins

The map.mp file is in: /etc/ocsinventory-server/perl/Apache/Ocsinventory/Plugins/Winusers

I added following entry to /etc/ocsinventory-agent/modules.conf: use Ocsinventory::Agent::Modules::Winusers;

But it doesn't work.
Can somebody tell me whats wrong?

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1 Answer

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Plugins manager realizes all operations on the server. It copies files in each directory (/etc/ocsinventory-server/perl/Apache/Ocsinventory/Plugins/<plugin_name> and /etc/ocsinventory-server/plugins/<plugin_name>). You have only to copy the .vbs on windows client.


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