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SNMP - Can't get snmp datas

Dear Staff,

I have actually the ocs inventory installed in my debian webserver,
I would love to use all the network functions,
The ip discovery is helping me a lot,

I also would like to use the SNMP Tool, but I can't get datas on snmp table,

I don't know why, but no data appears on snmp ocs area, The table is empty,

I tried to install snmp tools(Net-Tools) on debian, tried to request snmp info through snmpwalk on server and it is working fine,
If I am sure, heard that the ocs agents has the function to get the snmp info around the subnet, I also checked the file "C:\ProgramData\OCS Inventory NG\Agent\snmplist.txt" and there are a lot of devices written there,

Idk if it's a server communication trouble or else,

Please, Could you help me figure out why there is no snmp devices on snmp ocs function ?

Thanks a lot

Bests Regards,

Matheus Pavanetti
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1 Answer

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Hi @matheus,

SNMP detection from a Windows agent is so far empirical (that is, the Windows agent goes back something but with little precision - apart from printers, not much).

It is better to use the Linux agent which is more successful, however you will have some settings and customizations to do (specific files to create, etc.).

Regards, St├ęphane
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