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[solved] update server [closed]

I want to update ocs server from 2.0 to 2.6.

I followed this guide https://wiki.ocsinventory-ng.org/02.Basic-documentation/Updating-the-server/ 

but can't start after update. Some errors occours in mysql database.

closed with the note: First migrate to 2.5 version and then 2.6rc.
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3 Answers

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2.6 is a Release Candidate; i don't know if you can migrate directly to 2.6 from 2.0 perharps can be through each intermediate version.

it would be better to start from scratch with a new server 2.5, no ?

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Yes this is possible to migrate from 2.0 to latest version. Which errors have you with your database? Without errors messages it's hard to help you.


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Thank so much for your help.
The solution was , first migrate to 2.5 version and then 2.6rc.

I take toutafait advaice.

It's solved.


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