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Scan SNMP Ocs inventory found nothing


Having already uploaded my workstations by the agent, I would like to upload my switches and printers with the SNMP options on ocs inventory.

I looked at the doc and some tuto I added the IP range to activate the SNMP and configure the settings on the web interface but nothing is displayed. And there's a connection to an agent for SNMP?

If you can help me, it would be nice
Thank you in advance
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3 Answers

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Did you connect to your server with SSL/TLS connexion (https) ?

Can you provide the log of the agent in debug mode ?
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Merci de votre réponse,

Et Non malheureusement je n'arrive pas à me connecter en http, faut-t-il que j'installe un agent sur linux? Car sur windows je ne trouve pas le journal de l'agent
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Bonjour as-tu réussi a trouver ton probleme ?
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