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How to deploy ocs windows agent to computers

Dear Staff,

I'd like to know, if it would be possible to deploy the new ocs agent to the registered computers on ocs database trough ocs deployment feature,

I know that there is another way to do that trough Active Directory, but at the enterprise I work for, we don't have control of our A.D.
Thank you so much !

Best Regards

Matheus Pavanetti

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1 Answer

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this command should work i think

download the new agent

extract the setup files

create a new package (zip file)

OCSAgentSetup.exe /S /UPGRADE /NOSPLASH /NO_SYSTRAY /NOW /SSL=1 /SERVER=yourserver/ocsinventory /CA=yourcert.crt

and via OCS-Inventory teldeploy use the "execute action"

It will take some time and the new version will only be reported the next time the agent contacts the server (default 24 h, but can be changed to 1h)


But in the past many persons have problems with the ocs service, because some files are in use.

For my agent upgrade i created a windows task which installs the agent at a later time, so the ocs-service doesn't need to kill itself.

The task script with the new agent was deplyoed via OCS-Inventory teledeploy

Kind regards

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