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OCS 2.6 RC Failed detect plugin

I have download this file:

dummy@ocsinventory:/usr/share/ocsinventory-reports/ocsreports/download# ls

pluginslist.zip  README  uptime.zip

but i get the message There is currently no extensions available for installation

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3 Answers

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hy, first of all i would recommend that you update to Version  2.6 from 2.6 RC

Then try to get the plugin from


The plugins have been updated to support version 2.6

Please look at this help page


Kind regards
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i upgrade to version 2.6 but I get the same symptom. any ideas?

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the manual says

Download the plugin, place it on the extensions folder on ocsreports and unzip it.

Go on ocsreports in extension tab. Select the plugin and click on install

Have you done this?

i juist tried it - i copied the full unziped folder with any files to the extension folder on my test debian to


After that i could install the plugin with the extension manager in OCS-Invenotry webinterface-

The uptime Plugin was listet there after copying the folder
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