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How to prevent rogue clients

hy, has ocs-inventory a strong feature to prevent rogue clients from registering ? I only know that there is perhaps the possibilty to use the same password on any client.

Kind regards

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2 Answers

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The only way to prevent rogue clients to register on your OCS is to use htaccess.

You can define login/password and/or ip restrictions with it.
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I think this should be changed that every client is able to register to the server.

It was easy for me to search for a OCS-Inventory instance where i can download the OCSpackage and install it on a VM. Now i have the client password !!

I don't want to dive deeper in here because i don't want inspire someone to to bad things, but i can tell you that this is possible in some instances.

I think in the long run the security model should be improved.

Right now i have to think about a possible solution before i write on github. perhaps a unambiguous Client Cert.

Kind regards
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I don't use OCSpackage so I never had this problem.

Simply deploy your agent with puppet/chef/rudder/ansible or what you want and nobody will be able to get the password.
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