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plugins on ocs server 2.6 install problem [closed]

All plugins in the new version for ocs server 2.6 do not want to work - they do not write information on the server (everything generates correctly locally).
I noticed that there are no folders with plugins in the path at all /etc/ocsinventory-server/plugins and /etc/ocsinventory-server/perl/Apache/Ocsinventory/Plugins

Any hints on how to install plugins in the new version for server 2.6? I did everything according to the instructions:

closed with the note: finally installation one of plugins (officepack) not craate all column in table db. Working solution: https://github.com/PluginsOCSInventory-NG/officepack/issues/55
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On the server (debian) I had to enter after the command from the instructions:
sudo apget install python3-pip

additional commands:
sudo apt-get install build-essential libssl-dev libffi-dev python-dev

sudo pip3 install cryptography
sudo pip3 install paramiko
sudo pip3 install pyasn1

I just managed to run the script properly and install all the plugins:
sudo python3 install_plugin.py

Plugins have installed correctly and there are already corresponding files in the paths (as on the old 2.5 server):



Unfortunately, the problem occurs all the time and data from plugins from client stations do not save on the server (i can't see them in ocs-reports)
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