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List newly installed soft on connected computers


We use OCS (version 2.0.5, agent 2.0.4 + 2.0.5) installed on ubuntu server.

Is there a way to list newly installed software on computers connected to our OCS?
What I mean is that lets say I have 10 programs installed on my Windows 10 Pro. Today I'll install 11th application (whatever it could be, lets say 7zip). Is there a way that I as an OCS administrator can see/notice that computer XXX-YYY has installed a new software + what it is (via plugin, or some advanced search option)?

Or if such an option is available in later versions of OCS - to which version should I upgrade?

Thanks in advance!

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the only way i know is to use GLPI - there you can lock at the computer history


Kind regards

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