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Modify Administrative Data

good morning I have problems when modifying administrative data, the message Field name is already used, this problem I have since version 2.5, I updated it now to version 2.6 and the problem persists, I would like to know if there is a solution ?, I would also like to know how to actiavr the option QR since since version 2.4 does not appear, in advance thanks for the support.

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3 Answers

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have you try : remove it, restart server and recreate it ? if fail, try to create a new field named PRUEBA2 for exemple, it's works or not ?

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Hi toutafait, thanks for your response, I have tried to delete all administrative data and create new ones. When creating them, it does not give me any problem, but if I wanted to modify it, it gives me the same problem. I tried to use the file function_adminfo.php of version 2.3 and there if it lets me modify existing administrative data, so I deduce that there is something in that file that does not allow to modify.

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Try same things but in other tab "tab"
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