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We want to change in our OCS 2.1.2 server the AUTO_DUPLICATE_LVL option. Now we have checked hostname, serial and macaddress but we want to check only serial because everytime a user changes its hostname it generates a new record. Will the server automatically merge all the records? If a computer does not contact again, what will happen? If in the future we want to change it again to hostname, serial and macaddress, will it work? If we only have serial and a computer does not have a serial field or is empty, what will happen?

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I had the same problem, but i'm afraid the answer is not that simple.
I use 2.6 OCSserver on debian and i finally stopped merging automatically because merging was errasing additional data i collect and they are manually filled in OCS(UPS baterry change date, cleaning from dust date etc) Its more useful for me than functions w GLPI :)

If you don't need them merging works fine (ussually enough is to use only MAC), but sometimes if server is not sure, you may need to manually select records for merge.

If computer does not contact again you'll see computer whith last visit a year ago....
That's is something you should sometimes look at, and remove duplicated records (before such cleaning I do a database Backup) and that's it.
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