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Visit VMware vCenter to display access denied


    My OCS Version:2.6

    OCS plugin:vmware-vcenter

Show access denied when accessing datastore list

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3 Answers

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In my case, I can see vmware empty tables created in ocsweb database, but no data.

I run ocsinventory-agent from the ocs server, but fails with "Can't encode a value of type: JSON::PP::Boolean at /usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl/Ocsinventory/Agent/XML/Inventory.pm line 108", so the inventory is not sent. But I can see vmware data in /var/log/ocsinventory-agent/ocsinventory-agent.log. I have ocs in CentOS 7. I updated the agent to but same problem.
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I realized that the ms_vmware_vcenter page is not enabled for default for the super admin users so I enabled that page to make it visible but no luck. It reported the issue here https://github.com/OCSInventory-NG/OCSInventory-ocsreports/issues/865.
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I found the solution here: https://github.com/PluginsOCSInventory-NG/vmware-vcenter/issues/9. I tried and solved my issue. It was reported on past July but no fix included! :(
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