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How to change IP server on ocs-agents?


I needed to change the ip on OCS server, but many agents had installed. How can I do it?

First -  I don't have a AD.

Second - I can acess my machines remotelly
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4 Answers

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Windows clients? If so, one option is to stop ocs service remotely and change the IP in ocsinventory.ini and restart the service for each client. Other option would be to reinstall ocs e.g. using psexec.
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Stop using IP and use a DNS. With a DNS server : no more problem like that and you can secure your OCS with SSL.
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Okay, I can to deploy de ocsinventory.ini remotely, but I can't  to stop the process! Could you say how to do it, Mr ?

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For many clients perhaps you could consider to reinstall the agent, using a script, e.g:

script name: i.cmd:

for %%i in (%1) do psexec -r bp \\%%i -s \\server\installer\install-agent-ocs.cmd

script install-agent-ocs.cmd:

\\server\installer\ocsagent-24.exe /nosplash /s /server=http://my-ocs.server/ocsinventory /now /debug

To install in one computer, execute from cmd:

i computer1

By the way, I use psexec -r bp to avoid that my antivirus to block psexec.
To start/stop the ocs service remotely in only one computer, I do that using the windows mmc console, services, from an admin windows session. From cmd: net stop "ocs inventory service".
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