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SNMP connection to network printer

Estimates from the server I can make pin through ssh and I can see the features of the printer that you have installed the agent but in the web console does not show me any information additional to query the information in the database does not record any data only about printers on the network I am an officer of a larger electric company in my country please ask your answers cordially

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3 Answers

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For helping you, can you give:

the ocs server version

the ocs client version who do the snmp query

If you add the printer network on the scaned networks

and if it detect the printer the client log.
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Thanks for the attention, the ocs server version is 2.1.2 and the version is agents please I need your help to access my inventory and network printers because it does not only show me the information but does not store it in the database

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The snmp function is actualy ony actif on the Unix/linux client.

you can't use it with a windows client
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