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diconnected computers automaitcally deleted

I open this request because I see with my OCS Inventory server that if I had Computers not connected, it seem that OCS delete them automatically after some days.

I suppose their is an option which is set by default, but how can I deactive it to be able to keep my disconnected computers in my OCS Inventory?

My version of OCS is 2.6, it is coupled with GLPI.

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3 Answers

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This is not possible automatically for the moment. This feature will be available in the next version. For the moment manually deleting is recommended.


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Hello Frank,
There is a missunderstood. I do not want to delete computers automatically, but it seem that some computers disapears automatically when they are not connected and I want to understand why they disappear like that.

I can confirm that those computers were already reported in OCS at the installation of the agent and after some weeks they do not exist anymore.

Can you tell me if it exists some log files where I can find the information of delation?

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I suggest checking database, maybe U got some Backup to repleace existing (I do dumps 3-4 time a Year to have data of old and relpeaced PC's) new and  connected will just update, but You will get data about removed.
I'm not sure about ocs database but most of apps i dealt with was not removing any data from database just mark them as removed and didn't show them in GUI but this is the question for guys writing OCS does it work similar here...
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