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OCS Server migration 2.1.2 => 2.6 (new server)


I currently have a server in version 2.1.2 (Windows server), I installed a new server in v2.6 (redhat server).

I saw that the schema of the database is not exactly the same between the 2 versions, so I think that a simple dump of my base in 2.1.2 to 2.6 will not work, isn't it?

Are there database migration scripts?

If not, do I have to install 2.1.2 on my new server first, import my database and then migrate to 2.6?

Thanks for your help.
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4 Answers

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The migration makes all needed database updates.


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Thanks for your answer.
So if I good understand, I must first install v2.1.2 on my new Linux server, import my database from my old Windows server and then migrate to version 2.6, right?

If so, where can I find 2.1.2 sources for Linux?

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You can find available versions on the following link:


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Thanks for the link.

But, if I'm not mistaken, there is no version 2.1.2, it will work if I install the 2.2.1 and I import my database from v 2.1.2?

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