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purpose of multipath in OCS Agent

I've just installed OCS_NG Agent on Centos 8.1 from the repo for the first time. I'm seeing this new log entries about multipath that I've not seen before. If I don't use multipath can I ignore this warning? What does it mean by blacklisting all devices? I don't see this on Centos 7.

Apr 21 13:37:59 | /etc/multipath.conf does not exist, blacklisting all devices.

Apr 21 13:37:59 | You can run "/sbin/mpathconf --enable" to create

Apr 21 13:37:59 | /etc/multipath.conf. See man mpathconf(8) for more details

Apr 21 13:37:59 | DM multipath kernel driver not loaded

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multipath is installed by default on CentOS/RHEL 8 distributions and not on CentOS/RHEL 7.

Yes you can ignore this message if you don't use multipath.


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