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Merge two different OCS server databases


Do you have the option to merge two different databases?

"Synchronization between OCS servers master/slaves" Not good, because it only syncs the currently logged in machines. I need complete database.


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I didn't try this, but for sure SQL database export / impost via SQL commands works fine What's exactly the problem ? Can't you sent OCS traffic to one server?
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I have two OCS servers with different data. I want to unite. No more machines are connected to the old server.

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Databases are different as you said. First is from ocs 1.x version and second from 2.x ? If so it couldn't be merged because structure is different.


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The database is 2.x.


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i wonder if it isn't enough to just export all computers on the old server and then import all the computers in the new server.

here is how to export a computer


mass Import maybe possible with a perl script

serach for

With Communication server through a Perl script

Kind regards

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Yes, that’s exactly the problem. I can't mass relocate workstations. It would be good to have a mass export opportunity.
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