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New build for the Windows Agent

The OCS windows agent seems to have some issues :

- the name isn't the same as before (there is no "NG" part in the name) which makes it unable to upgrade any previous version already in the machine while preventing any simple way to uninstall this previous version when the new one is installed;

- the Deployment Tool gets an automatic "can't access setup log" error when trying to deploy the : I just tried the version instead on the same machines and it did work just fine. The error I get with the version doesn't seem to prevent it from installing on some machines thou;

- the GPO deployment doesn't work anymore : we used to deploy OCS agent by a startup bat script and then just change the same script for every new version, but this isn't working anymore. The GPO is applied correctly but the agent isn't installed. When trying to launch the script manually, the User Access Control keeps popping up and prevents a silent install. I tried rewritting the script in PowerShell but to no avail, I keep getting the same result.

So I guess my question is : is there a new build for the OCS Windows agent expected soon?

In the mean time, I have no choice but to leave the GPO for the version.
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Open an issue here => https://github.com/OCSInventory-NG/WindowsAgent/issues/new/choose

We recommend to use a computer gpo and not a user gpo for deploying the agent. Computer gpo use system account which have admin rights by default. User accounts don't have these rights.


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thanks for your reply.
Yes, it is a computer GPO that we used up to now to deploy the agent and it was working fine until the version.

Anyway, I'll open an issue on Github as you suggested.
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Hi 7octal,

The scipt you had used please for depoloying ocs windows agent 2.6 by GPO?

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