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cannot get past: ERROR: can't write in directory (on dbconfig.inc.php),

I am atempting to isntall OCS on centos 6.5.  I have all hte pre-req's, it says it intstalled fine but when I attempt to move past the database creation page I get:

ERROR: can't write in directory (on dbconfig.inc.php), please set the required rights in order to install ocsinventory (you should remove the write mode after the installation is successfull)

 I chmod 777 to the file as well as the folder and still get he error.  I made sure the config file had the correct user / pw for the database and verified the database was listed correctly.


I'm stumped.  Can someone help?

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1 Answer

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The problem come from selinux.

Prefer install OCS from the remi repository : http://blog.famillecollet.com/pages/OCS-GLPI-en
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