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Dashboard news not up to date [closed]


I´ve enabled ACTIVE_NEWS and my dashboard announces "You have recent news". Unfortunately the news are dated 2018:

2018/11/30 - My first news
The OCS Inventory Team is pleased to announce that our server version 2.5 has been released. Reports changes : Full rework on the multi-criteras ...

2018/11/29 - Im a title
I'm a news' content without image and link

2018/11/29 - We <3 docker
Some love for docker !

2018/11/27 - Thx to our amazing community !
Check out our github to see the amazing OCS community that making it possible

The server has full internet access.
Server: v2.7,  Debian 10, PHP 7.3.19, Apache 2.4.38, Debian 10 version 10.3.23-MariaDB-0+deb10u1, VMware 15.5 platform

Where´s the problem?

Thanks a lot!

closed with the note: Does work after upgrade to v2.8
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