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Upgrade of windows agent v2.7 -> v2.8 imperfect


After the server has been successfully upgraded v2.7 -> v2.8 I try to upgrade the windows agents using the documented procedure. The upgrade completes with "SUCCESS" but some modules stay v2.7. In detail:

ComHTTP.dll, Download.exe, OCSInventory Front.dll, SysInfo.dll, OcsWmi.dll

The agent log files continue to have entries like:

AGENT => Using Communication Provider <OCS Inventory cURL Communication Provider> Version <>
DOWNLOAD => Running OCS Inventory Download Version

Using a different upgrade mechanism (in this case EMCO Remote Installer) the upgrade runs thoroughly.

Server: v2.8,  Debian 10 version 10.3.23-MariaDB-0+deb10u1, PHP 7.3.19, Apache 2.4.38, VMware 15.5 platform

Win-Agents: x64 v2.7 / v2.8 on Windows 10 Prof. v1909

Thanks a lot in advance!

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The update script

i used 2 scripts

the second scripts (ocstask.cmd) starts after some minutes calculated from install time . so because i use a windows task .. i don't have a problem with ocs-inventory files in use.

The script imitates just the uninstallation by a user and the reinstall by a user.

my zip package consist of the follwowing files




first script named install.cmd

set hh=%time:~0,2%

if "%hh:~,1%"=="0" set hh=%hh:~1,2%

set mm=%time:~3,2%

if "%mm:~,1%"=="0" set mm=%mm:~1,2%

set /A mm=%mm%+2

if %mm% GEQ 60 set /A mm=%mm%-60 && set /A hh=%hh%+1

if %hh% GEQ 24 set hh=00

if %mm% LSS 10 set mm=0%mm%

if %hh% LSS 10 set hh=0%hh:~1,1%

set hhmm=%hh%:%mm%

rem different languages uses different schtask commands

for english

set taskvar1=once

goto Install


xcopy /Y ocspackage.exe %windir%\temp
xcopy /Y ocslogon.exe %windir%\temp
xcopy /Y ocstask.cmd %windir%\temp

schtasks /delete /tn "OCSDeploy" /f
SCHTASKS /Create /F /V1 /Z /SC %taskvar1% /TN "OCSDeploy" /RU "" /TR "%windir%\temp\ocstask.cmd" /ST %hhmm%
goto end:


rem set h=%time:~0,2%
rem set m=%time:~3,2%
rem set s=%time:~6,2%
rem Echo %h%.%m%:%s%


the second script -named ocstask.cmd

OcsLogon.exe /uninstall /S
ping localhost -n 10
del %windir%\temp\ocspackage.exe
del %windir%\temp\ocslogon.exe
del %windir%\temp\ocstask.cmd

PS: perhaps you wonder why there a goto commands .. these are leftovers from a larger script , which detects the OS (win XP, or Win 7 ord Win10 and 32 and 64 bit) so i can use install the correct ocsinstaller depending on the client Operating System

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Even a batched uninstallation and reinstallation (without using the /UPGRADE option) of the windows agent doesn´t work correctly using OCS software deployment. The uninstallation leaves some files in the program path, the new installation has the same version mix as mentioned before and the active status of the packet stays NOTIFIED. I´ll better use an external tool for updating the windows agents.
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that's really a pity, but a long time ago I built a script that uninstalls and installs cleanly.

But perhaps you can try this before

just launch the update with the execute command line in the deployment

OCS-Windows-Agent-Setup-x86.exe /S /upgrade /nosplash /now /no_systray /ssl=1 /server=https://yourxyz.domain

see here


These command are for the 2.05 version .. you must adapt it for the current version 2.8.0

I think it was a difference if you just use the execute action  .. because otherwise some processes are in use (with launch action)

my script creates a task .. which uninstalls the agent .. and then install the new one. So the ocs-inventory agent isn't in use during uninstallation and installation.

Kind regards

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hy .. it looks like your upgrade is working now. Did you get in immediate success ? or only after waiting for the next inventory time?

Kind regards
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@sokatra: many thanks for your contribution! I do like your approach but unfortunately I did a quick mass update the same day using our main software deployment system. We focus on OCS´s inventory capabilities. I´m sure your scripts will be a big help for the community !!

By the way: in my case whether using the execute or launch action made no difference
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