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Permission denied on http://SERVER/ocsreports/

Hi, when I go to the home page ocsreports it shows me :

ERROR: MySql connection problem 2002
Permission denied
ERROR: MySql connection problem 2002
Permission denied

It worked yesterday.

httpd/error_log shows:

PHP Warning: mysqli_fetch_object() expect parameter 1 to be mysqli_result, null given in /usr/share/ocsinventory-reports/ocsreports/require/function_commun.php on line 38

Same error on line 67 / 104 / and again 38 with different mysqli methods.

OS : CentOS 7
OCS Server and agent version : 2.8

I've checked:
-All services are running
-Privileges for root and ocs admin on the database (MariaDB 10.5.5)
-dbconfig.inc.php user / password and port aree good.

Any ideas ?
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2 Answers

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please look here


in the middle of the errors he has also

PHP Warning: mysqli_fetch_object() expect......

solution was

I've managed to fix it!

the problem was that the old dbconfig.inc.php didn't have new variables needed for v2.7, and i restored the previous from v2.5, already configured, after the update.






perhaps it helps you

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I found the solution on an other website.

It was SELINUX denying external acces to the database.
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