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CVE database - 0 CVE has been added to databas


I try to configure CVE database in OCS Inventory server but when I run the command it doesn't work
It scan every softwares registred in OCS and finished by " 0 CVE has been added to database."

I can also see that the server is communicate with the CVE url --> "https://cve.circl.lu"

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The service has been disabled by"cve.circl.lu".

You can check it sending one query from a browser.

  • Query: https://cve.circl.lu/api/search/oracle/jre
  • Response: The requested resource has been permanently removed from the API on this server due to abuse. It is recommended to use a local installation of CVE Search if the fulltext search is needed.More information can be found at the CVE Search Github page

You have to find another service (I don't know which one) or install one on your own.

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"...The service has been disabled by"cve.circl.lu".

 All that for this ?!

The implementation of this functionality by OCS Inventory was really disappointing, even pitiful...

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Hello pjagudo,

As you said own CVE search. I am working on it but do not find the exact way to make it possible. Any Idea how we can make it?

Best regards,
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Hi there,

I was able to use Circl.lu as CVE Database by configuring OCS Inventory with VULN_CVESEARCH_HOST = https://cve.circl.lu/api/

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