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IP Discover not working

Hi, I'm using OCS 2.8 and I'm facing problems with IP Discover feature on Centos 7.

After installing OCS, I've noticed a log error in error_log (apache):

ocsinventory-server: Bad setting. `IPDISCOVER_LINK_TAG_NETWORK` is not set. Default: `0

(Don't know if this is related to IPDiscover problem)

After waiting for 1 day, I've checked IPDiscover page and it not get any subnet from my network, then I've installed manually the ocs agent in my DNS/DHCP server and even so (after waiting 1 more day) it didn't work. 

I've tried to run "ipdiscoverutil-pl" and it returned that the IPDiscover didn't find any other addresses in my subnet. Tried a lot of options using ipdiscoverutil and it returned "No unknown hosts of this network. Stop." (Even known hosts don't work).

Figured out that only IPDiscover is not working after try nmap and return all my network devices.

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