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SNMP scanning with custom MIB and IOD

Hello friends from the OCS forum, I write from Brazil / São Paulo (sorry my English is bad), I am using version 2.7 of OCS Server and version 2.6.1 of Agent on Ubuntu 16.04, all installation and configuration is 100% working.

All the documentation is in my personal project on Github at the link (in PT-BR): https://github.com/vaamonde/ocsinventory

The biggest challenge is to configure network scanning using SNMP on non-Cisco switches (I'm testing on a Netgear GSM7228 switch).

note: I have already done a wide search in the forum on this topic, such as this one: http://ask.ocsinventory-ng.org/12333/private-custom-mibs-not-utilized-by-unix-agents, most without answer.

Unfortunately the OCS Inventory On-Line documentation about this feature on the Wiki is very simple and there are no practical examples of how to customize and configure this feature.

When I use the SNMP Network scan on the Switch initially it only took the basic information of the SNMP (Contact, Description, Location, etc ...) the information of Switches, Cards, Networks Software were not obtained (does not appear on the device screen) .

To solve this problem, I copied the 9.pm (cisco) file from the folder: /usr/local/share/perl/5.22.1/Ocsinventory/Agent/Modules/Snmp/ to the file 4526.pm which is the Private OID of Netgear (, I edited the lines:

package Ocsinventory :: Agent :: Modules :: Snmp :: 4526;
my $ list_mib = ["Entity_Mib", "If_Mib", "Host_Resources_Mib", "Default"];
$ logger-> debug ("Running Netgear (4526) MIB module");

I left the same Cisco OID's and ran the scan again, at that moment the Switches, Cards and Networks tabs appeared with some information, mainly the Networks tab with the network interfaces, even though information is now missing, not working correctly, but it worked.

Question 1: How it really works and how to actually use the SNMP Configuration feature in OCS Inventory for Hardware other than Cisco or Non-HP Printers (Guide: Configuration, SNMP Configuration, Create Type, Create Label, Configuration Type and Add MIB file), I realized that when I do this configuration it creates a Table in the OCS Inventory Database with these fields. Does this feature really work for anything?

Question 2: The files located at: /usr/local/share/perl/5.22.1/Ocsinventory/Agent/Modules/Snmp/ are extremely complex for customizing custom IODs from other manufacturers, is there a simpler, faster and more efficient method , as there is no detailed documentation for this on the Wiki.

Question 3: The files located at: / var / lib / ocsinventory-agent / https: __ server / snmp / mibs / local / are customized models from some manufacturers, can they be used for this scenario? How to use? How to configure? There is also no documentation on this on the Wiki.

Thank you all for the attention...

Robson Vaamonde

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my company has developed more than 60 exclusive plugins for OCS (predictive maintenance, advanced Bios informations, supervision, helpdesk & IT support, status summary, multiple SNMP device type, geolocation of Windows machines, etc.)

If you want more information, please contact me privately.

Best regards, Stephane
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