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How to Setup SSL/HTTPS on OCS 2.8

hello community,

Could someone help / use how to configure HTTPS / SSL in OCS 2.8 inventory?

I'm using on the docker

and I try to configure it inside the S.O of the container, but when I restore the container it’s not over because it says there’s an error in the apache settings.
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3 Answers

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Enable ssl in apache on docker image.
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@frankb, ok but how to setup?

Did you have a guide?

I sow the documents official of OCS but  I can't to do  work.
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I'm sorry, I can't post my answer because this editor gives me "Your post contains too many links to external sites." .... even if there's none!

Here is on pastebin:


Edit: this also works fine on 2.9 release

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