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No "peripheral type" to select, but forced to.

I've OCS Inventory server and OCS Reports 2.5 running on a Debian 10 server. It do discover devices like switches, phones and printers. These are put in "Non-identified" and I want to identify them myself. But at saving I'm forced to select a "peripheral type", but I can't because the list is empty...

I nowhere can find any place to add types to this list.

How can I fix this issue?

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3 Answers

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Go to Manage/Network Scan/Manage types. Then click on Add button to add a new type of device.

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There's no "Network scan" or "Manage types" under the "Manage"-menu...

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My answer was for 2.8.x version not 2.5. In 2.5 go to Network / Manage / Manage types.

Your version is old and no more supported.

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