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Release 2.8 available

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Hardware, Network, Devices are empty


We are running OCS 2.8.1 latest (26/01/2021) and there is empty information in Hardware, Network and Devices for all new computer.

No error in apache and mariadb

I set mariadb debug mode to check SQL inssert query. The query is good, but empty:

                  494 Query     INSERT INTO networks(`HARDWARE_ID`,`TYPEMIB`,`IPGATEWAY`,`IPMASK`,`VIRTUALDEV`,`STATUS`,`MACADDR`,`SPEED`,`TYPE`,`IPDHCP`,`IPSUBNET`,`MTU`,`DESCRIPTION`,`IPADDRESS`) VALUES('143195','','','','','','','','','','','','','')

The software table has data.


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2 Answers

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I think to have the same problem with the same version of server: only software is registered into db, all the other informations are registered into db as empty lines.

For example, in the disk section of hardware, i can see three line for three drive, but all columns are empty.

I have installed ocsinventory-server with setup.sh on Ubuntu 20.04 and download the sources of it (and ocsreports) from github.
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I have opened an issue on Github:


Could you post your answer on it?
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