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Problem with search of different software


We have a problem with search about different software name that "name". In 2.1.2 version we didn't have any problem with that. Perhaps, we have now 2.8 version and we have this problem.

We try with different option and it shows all computers (we think it is "normal" because all computers have some software different that "name"). We also try with "doesn't contain" but it show nothing.

If we try the query of "doesn't contain" option

(SELECT DISTINCT hardware.ID FROM hardware INNER JOIN software on hardware.id = software.hardware_id LEFT JOIN software_name on software_name.id = software.name_id LEFT JOIN software_publisher on software_publisher.id = software.publisher_id LEFT JOIN software_version on software_version.id = software.version_id WHERE software_name.HARDWARE_ID NOT IN (0) GROUP BY hardware.id;)  we have an error (ERROR 1054 (42S22): Unknown column 'software_name.HARDWARE_ID' in 'where clause'). If we change the last software_name.HARDWARE_ID to software_name.ID (hardware_id not exist in this table) it shows all computers.

We have also tried to search with dynamics groups. We search all computers that have "x" software, we create a dynamic group with this computers. But when we try to search computers that not belong to this group it's not possible select the name of group (not shown any group and is not possible write the name).

Are there any bug with that?

Thank you very much.

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We update to 2.8.1 version and this fix the problem with the dynamics groups, but the problem with the search of computers that haven't some software continue. What is the correcto way to do this search? We must to use different? We must to use doesn't contain?

Tnak you very much.
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i think right now there is no other way to search with dynamic groups.

In version 2.1.2 when i search for all compzters having windows ..AND search for different than "fslfhasdfhsdhasdh" .. i get NO result.

When i do the same in 2.8.1 .. i get ALL computers .. which seems correct.

When i search for Doesn't contain "java" i get also no result in 2.8.1 .. which isn't correct.

So i think you can only use dynamic groups ..and for example .. i search for "java" .. make a dynamic group out of it. Afterwards i search for all computers which do not belong to that group.

I think there is room for improvement.

But with GLPI you can do such searches

For example

Iteems seen contains "computername"


Software Characterristics - name "is not" java

Kind regards

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Thank you sokatra.

The problem is that in 2.8 version search with dynamic groups not working jeje. In 2.8.1 version it is work.

But is strange... We had 2.1.2 version and we can search computers with software different "java" for example. They have broken that.
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