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add select list

I would like to add a drop-down list in my groups and be able to display it in column with the other columns by default.
I manage to create the field of type "select" but I do not see where to add choices in it. 
Thank you !
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3 Answers

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i found out how to add data to my SELECT column.

But I have a new problem: I manage to add this column when I am in "all computers" but I cannot search in it.

While the search works on all the other columns (which are not SELECT)


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Did you try creating Administation Data field? This works nice in my OCS Server, it's visible in all computer list, in groups an also works for searcher.
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yes in fact I succeeded for that.
But I have another problem, I can not display the serial number column for example when I am in my groups.
While I can see her well in "all computers".
Do you have a solution?
thank you !
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