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Windows 11 TPM requirement


I've read a lot about upcoming Windows 11, and tried to install Insider version, but I i found a big solid wall!!! crying  TPM, which is not so obviously used in many PC's. Have someone saw anyware some info about it in OCS? Does client software collect such "hardware" data or shall we create some plugin?? I check TPM aviability using tpm.msc console but it would be great to know earlier which PC's are not upgradeable to Windows 11 wink.

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you can easily check tpm form cmd


so just deploy a script with the following content

wmic /namespace:\\root\CIMV2\Security\MicrosoftTpm path Win32_Tpm get /value >\\yourfileserver_fqdn\yourshare\%computername%TPMstatus.txt
you can also bypass the  TPM 2.0 requirement via registry trick
Thats it
kind regards

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I'll share my expirience as soon I'll do that, maybe a customapp will be better to import such generated file to ocsserver? In a a past I tried customapp to transfer CrystalDiskInfo usage from PC's, it worked, but there was a logorrhea, unreadable for a human being (after 1-2 minutes i could find hdd running time but it was useless for checking all machines), so abanded it, but meybe here it will be better.... Anyway thanks a lot for setting me on a wright track... yes

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perhaps you can also easily check for tpm by checking the regsitry key via ocs-inventory


With TPM there is a value like ACPI\PNP0C31\1

But i don't know excactly ..perhaps other computers also have this entry

Kind regards
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I think there will be need checking also TPM version, not only presence. MS anounced that TPM 2.0 will be required, and I checked it on 2 a bit older (5-6 y/o) PC's. Insider upgrade chcecked TPM version on one and TPM presence on second and refused instalation sad.

Registry trick maybe will work but only for upgrade installation. If there will be need of a clean install Windows11 in future it will propably fail, if TPM requirement will be still checked.

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I think that a powershell plugin is needed. It seems all do we need to run is a Get-TMP although no TMP version is shown:

PS C:\Users> Get-TPM

TpmPresent                : True
TpmReady                  : True
TpmEnabled                : True
TpmActivated              : True
TpmOwned                  : True
RestartPending            : False
ManufacturerId            : 1229346816
ManufacturerIdTxt         : XXX
ManufacturerVersion       : x.xx.xxxx.x
ManufacturerVersionFull20 : x.x.x.x.x.x.

ManagedAuthLevel          : Full
OwnerAuth                 : YXbvRWeqi+LVqi2xVjAVH/AxRpA=
OwnerClearDisabled        : False
AutoProvisioning          : Enabled
LockedOut                 : False
LockoutHealTime           : 10 minutes
LockoutCount              : 0
LockoutMax                : 31
SelfTest                  : {}

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