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Looking for informations about Deployment menu

Hi, I'm looking for some documentation about the difference between the both list "ACTIVATED PACKAGES" and "HISTORY" on the Deployment menu of a computer.

I first though that "Activated packages" were the packages installed on the computer, and "history" the packages requested, but it doesn't seem to be only this

I couldn't find anything on the wiki, does anyone have an explanation ?

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In my opinion "activated" packages are packages which are waiting for an installation or were already installed.

History contains all packages which are installed ... the id if the packages are keept even if you delete an deployment package in the OCS-Inventory Webinterface.

The OCS-inventory agent always compares the ID of a package with the archive ...  otherwise it could happen in some cases that the same package would be installed again .. which should not happen.

For example a computer disconnect from network after downloading a full package .. but before installation .. the computer installs the package with disconnected network .. and isn't able to forward the sucessfull installation to the ocs-inventory server. Next time the network is available again .. the agent will report the sucessfull installation to the ocs-inventory server. But if that does not work .. the agent does not install the package again and again .. even if the server haven't the information of a successfull install.

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