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ipdiscover networks and add to OCS


I would like to discover devices on networks that don’t have an active OCS agent

The wiki says that it is possible to use ipdiscover-util.pl like this to scan and add devices to the OCS database:

perl ipdiscover-util.pl -network= -scantype=ping

But the current OCS version 2.9 ipdiscover-util.pl does not have these options (scantype, network)

Is there another way to discovery devices in networks that don't have an OCS agent and add to inventory?

wiki reference

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How run IpDiscover ?

First (and usual), IpDiscover could run from agent.

They could only do a discovery on their local network !

(lots of things about election to chose an agent and not another, are described in the link you've supplied)

(be carefull of the size of the local network : /16 means 65534-1 ping !!)

Second, IpDiscover could run from Server, using the supplied (perl) script 'ipdiscover-util.pl'.

IMHO use of this script need to provide all parameters needed like '-h', '-d', '-u' and '-p' as the script put data inside the database.

The script supplied with 2.9 version is well designed with parameters :

(line 66) :

for $option (@ARGV){


    $analyse = 1;


    $auto = 1;


    $cache = 1;

    $analyse = 1;

    $xml = 1;


    $path = $1;


    $ipdiscover = 1;

    $ipd = $1;


    $xml = 1;


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