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complete setup/creating OCS installer

Hi all, I recently, painstakingly setup a new OCS inventory server to replace one that was over 20 years old that is used by public libraries. But the network is disjointed now and not all together as it once was. I am very new at this and seem to have the server running on CentOS Stream 8 with the OCS server installed correctly and I can access its GUI. I have no idea how to create an installer that can be ran on a pc from anywhere there is a library computer. I need someone to hold my hand and help me with this. Please!


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I could write RTFM (Read The Fu...ing Manual) but.

In the wiki, you have lot of solution in ActiveDir context :

- OCSPackager could create an complete executable to install Agent with all parameters and certificate file included (but this can't be use for upgrade Agent)

- more simpler (but well for manual and efficient install) : the agent setup exec file + a small .cmd : setup /param /param + copy cacert ...

- you have also indications for using GPO

It's simpler than setup the server and understand the use of certificate ...
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old but good for understanding


How to Installing OCS Inventory NG Agent for Windows


Kind regards


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