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API: Find servers with(out) specific software

Good day,

I need to be able to tell if all Windows Servers which meet specific criteria, have a specific piece of software installed. So I'm looking for an API search that can tell me which have or don't have specific software installed. If possible, I'd like this search this per Tag. Every category of servers has a Tag assigned (where the Tag set in the conf file of the Agent becomes the "Entity" in the OCS server gui).
I'm looking to schedule this weekly, and send out emails in case I find a server.

Therefor PowerShell and the OCS API seemed like a good idea.

I've looked at the API documentation, but it seems there is either too little documentation or what I'm looking for is impossible?

I am able to lookup a single server by searching for its hostname. But that is all I managed to do.

Anyone any tips or example queries that I can re-use ?

Thank you!
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