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Report for specific software inventory

Hello all,

We're using OCS for ou assets inventory. When we have to replace a computer we're using it in order to export/view software list and find which sotware need to be reinstalled. But I'm searching for a simple report or sql query where I can directly have for a dedicated device (where device name is a variable) the software list with some exclusions (like all Microsoft update, all constructors software, etc.). I just want to see software that need to be installed (Collaboration tools, 7-Zip, Adobe, Autocad, etc.).

Do you know if it's possible ?

Tks in advance.

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2 Answers

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Hi, you can export the list from web page ocs from detail pc.

you can also export from sql with a query like this:

select c.name,b.name from software a, software_name b, hardware c where c.name='myPcName' and c.id=a.hardware_id and a.name_id=b.id;


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Tks :) I'll look at that.

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