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Computers disappearing from inventory


We have an OCS-Inventory server here, running OCSReports 2.8.1, on Ubuntu 20.04 with MariaDB 10.3.34.

This server has none computer directly attached to it, instead it focus all the computers of others OCS servers, via inject with the API and xml exports. We use the script ocsinvontory-injector.pl, adapted to inject some TAGS in accountinfo.

It is also connected to a GLPI running in 9.5.6 with this plugin for the sync : https://github.com/pluginsGLPI/ocsinventoryng

Some computers disappear after the inject, those are already inventoried, but the majority are actualised just fine. I think this is a bug with deduplication.

Furthermore, we've sometime entries in several tables that become orphans, for instance, accountinfo has entries with hardware_id that doesn't refer to any id from the hardware table.

Do you have ideas to explore to understand those behaviors ?

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