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Data from "installed drivers" to "input devices"?

Is there a possibility to move data from the subcategory "installed drivers" (Hardware) to the subcategory "input devices" (devices)  of a device or to transfer it there somehow?

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You are student, and you have imagination but ...

Agent, installed on any pc client, analyse hardware configuration, create a XML file and send it (compressed) to the server.

The XML file has sections as <STORAGES>...</STORAGES>, <SOFTWARES>...<SOFTWARES>, <MEMORIES>...</MEMORIES>, <NETWORKS>...</NETWORKS>, ... Each sections is designed to supply informations details for this hardware ou software elements. For each sections the server has a specific table (with specific fields) and write a row with each informations values from sections.

You ask to move data from a section to another section ?? Do you think, really, informations could be exchange between differents sections (and specifics fields) ??

Stop your brain ...

Example :





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