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inventory frequency [closed]

how often exactly does the agent send inventory to the server?

I know that if you customize I can put the number of days, but in the option (always inventory) what is this frequency?

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The config is saved in table 'config' with fields Name, Ivalue, Tvalue and Comments.

For the row with Name='FREQUENCY', the Comments is 

'Specify the frequency (days) of inventories. (0: inventory at each login. -1: no inventory)'

IMHO you have the answer : Always = 0, Never = -1, Personnalized = any number (of days) >0

For a value of 1, that's means : any agent, without --force, could send only one inventory each 1 day. When agent call the server, the server give the date/time acceptable for new inventory (= last inventory + 1 day), and the agent send the inventory only after this date/time. 

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