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No package download [closed]


I created a package and activated it. I try to deploy it to a single machine to test the package. But the machine doesn't donwlod the package for more then 24 hours now.

I raised the debug to "2", but nothing obvious in the logs:

Starting OCS Inventory Package Download and Setup Tool on Wednesday, April 20, 2022 08:52:03.
DOWNLOAD => Running OCS Inventory Download Version
DOWNLOAD => Using OCS Inventory FrameWork Version
DOWNLOAD => Using network connection with Communication Server
    COM PROVIDER => Loading Communication Provider <C:\Program Files (x86)\OCS Inventory Agent\ComHTTP.dll>
DOWNLOAD => Using Communication Provider <OCS Inventory cURL Communication Provider> Version <>
DOWNLOAD => Starting new period of 10 cycles
    DOWNLOAD => Flushing package queue
DOWNLOAD => Parsing directory <C:\ProgramData\OCS Inventory NG\Agent\download> for packages
DOWNLOAD => No package found, exiting
DOWNLOAD => Unloading communication provider
DOWNLOAD => Execution duration: 00:00:00.
Accoring to the GUI the client is notified, but no progress since then.

Server is 2.9.0, Agent is

Any Ideas? Every hint is welcome


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3 Answers

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Deployed a package to another machine...same problem. Machine gets notified (according to the server) but there is no download, but also no error in the logs.

When I call the URL in the browser, the "info" is readable....
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Ok, strange....

On the client I created a folder with the timestamp as name, downloaded the "info" file.

Now, the client tries to download the packages, but there is no host defined.

Log says:

COM SERVER => Sending fileGet request to URL <HTTP:///1650357266/1650357266-1>
    WARNING *** COM SERVER => Failed to send HTTP Get request <Couldn't resolve host name>
    COM SERVER => Cleaning cURL library
    WARNING *** DOWNLOAD =>  Max error count (5) reached while downloading package fragment <1650357266-1> (Couldn't resolve host name)

Where does the download agent get the hostname from? "info" looks normal, Inventory is transfered, so I think the ocsinventory.ini is ok.

DOWNLOAD_URI_FLAG and DOWNLOAD_URI_INFO are defined on the server.
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Found the problem, it was fixed with OCSInventoryNG-Server 2.9.2

Found another bug, will open a Issue on Github
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