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the console crashes

Hello I have installed since the beginning in two different virtual machines one in VMware and another in Hyperv, in the installation does not give me any error, when I want to enter the console I stay here:

 the versions I have are:

Ubuntu 21.10

Apache 2.4.48

PHP 8.0.8

 What can I do?

Thanks a lot

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Without method and observations, you have no chance for solving this kind of problems ...

For begin : hardware and memory : nb of processeurs, kind of processor, size of memory, disk space, space available, processor usage

Secondly, kind of operating system, is the system is update, which services are running

Thirdly, what is in the log (tail -f on many sessions) : many files : syslog, log apache, ...

'console crashes' : what does it mean

Are you sure you followed the tutorial, and which tutorial.

Why you decide to use a 'non LTS' version of Ubuntu ? Why testing on VMware and on Hyper-V ? What's you own level in virtualization ?

As you can understand, help you giving us informations ...
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