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Problem with duplicated devices


We have problems with duplicated devices. There are some computers that they duplicate always (every contact server create 1 new device). I don't understand that.

we also have a problem with devices fusion. We have configured the auto_duplicate_lvl with "Serial, macaddress and AssetTag". It means that if i have two computers with the same serial, macaddress and assettag they must be to fusion, but it isn't work.

Behind, with the 2.1.2 version it was work. With 2.8 version and 2.9 version we don't fix that.

Thank you very much.
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noob here, looking for answers myself.
I have set mine up similarly and have come to the conclusion that none of the server-side features do anything as there is no trigger to do so.  "sudo crontab -l" reports no cron entries. The only trigger that I know of is an agent sending an inventory file to the server which triggers software entries and categories to be updated.
If OP already worked out the requirements please let me (us) know.  
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